123TokenMe- Just $7.99 on Autism Awareness Day!

IOSAppIcon_v2_Token_512-300x300123TokenMe is being reduced to $7.99 on April 2nd- World Autism Awareness Day. This version works with unlimited students, so if your school district, or therapy provider, uses Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) let them know this is the day to download it for their teachers and therapists.

At its core 123TokenMe is a powerful token system tool. Unlike old-fashioned token boards, though, it is highly motivating for learners, works with unlimited students and target behaviors, can be instantly personalized, and collects data. All this at a cost less than making one old-fashioned laminate and velcro board. Enjoy!

Can 123TokenMe assist me?

Can 123TokenMe assist me? Absolutely. Especially if you live or work with challenging behaviors, special needs, or autism.



123TokenMe replaces token boards and token economy systems. In addition, compared to old-fashioned token boards, it stores unlimited students, tracks infinite behaviors & goals, tokens up to six students at once, and collects data!


Want to try it out for Free? Just download 123TokenMe Solo, which works with one child, from the App Store.


Photo 1: 123TokenMe is being used for Calm Hands. The teacher has decided on five tokens. To increase motivation she let her student choose token type (soccer ball), background color, and reward.


Little Miss Calm Hands almost ready to celebrate success!Photo 2: Little Miss Someone looks as if she is well on her way to earning all her tokens and celebrating success!

The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies

Kathys-ASHA-2013-presentation-on-Positive-Behavior-Strategies-300x300Kathy presented on The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies at the ASHA 2013 conference. The talk combined her long time SLP knowledge with her more recent BCBA studies.

If you’d like a copy of the Power Point presentation, leave a comment or post that includes your email address.

Learning from 9 to 9

Dr.-Shabani-at-LA-FEAT-meeting-11-11-13-300x300Yesterday was a day off school. However, not a day off learning…


9 AM- 6 PM- A class on supervising BCBA candidates in Marina del Rey.


7 PM- 9 PM- A presentation on “Addressing Maladaptive Behaviors” by Dr. Daniel Shabani at LA FEAT (Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment) in Hermosa Beach. Two takeaways: 1) “Be a detective” and discover the reasons behind these behaviors. Figuring out the cause is often not easy, but is critical to the goal of replacing a challenging behavior with an acceptable one. 2) Reinforcement. Reinforcement. Reinforcement. Yes, it is that important.

123TokenMe replaces old-fashioned token boards

Screenshot-of-123TokenMe-with-a-watermark-300x225At the most basic level, 123TokenMe replaces old-fashioned token boards. So, no more of the time and expense of laminating and velcroing. No more token boards that can not be updated to keep students interested.


Plus, 123TokenMe can be used to create individualized token boards for unlimited students and every one of their target behaviors and skills. Reinforcers can be added instantly, and it collects key data automatically.

Reducing Challenging Behaviors

Dr.-Doreen-Granpeesheh-300x300Attended an excellent presentation by Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh of the Center for Autism & Related Disorders. The subject? “Using ABA to Reduce Challenging Behaviors.” Among much wisdom, here are three takeaways:


1)All challenging behaviors are, in essence, communication. Not functional communication, but communication nonetheless. The challenge? To figure out what children or students are “trying to say” through these challenging behaviors.


2) The two main areas of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy: Provide reinforcement to increase skill deficits, and remove reinforcement to decrease behavior excesses.


3) How do we change behaviors? By changing the antecedents (What comes before the behaviors) and the consequences (What comes after the behaviors.)


One more? ABA works, but that does not mean “easy.” Parents, teachers, and therapists should be on the same page. Hours of consistent work. However, as Dr. Granpeesheh pointed out, it should ideally be provided as part of a day that includes fun.


Which triggers the realization that 123TokenMe uses ABA methodology to assist in reinforcement of skills and behaviors. With a touch of fun. Perfect.


Communication before Escalation

IMG_0670-300x225 Temper outbreaks, including hitting, are brought on by Trevor’s antecedent of too much input. Once the outbreak has started it is too late. Reason does not work during tantrums, but this is quite often when intervention is attempted.


What about introducing functional communication when the input overload first begins? Before escalating into the problem behavior? “Please turn down the music.” “Back off.” “That bothers me.”


Trevor’s ongoing situation is being addressed by a therapist in conjunction with 123TokenMe. Tokens, starting with just three, are awarded to Trevor for every verbal response to antecedent situations that would have usually produced an eruption. His reinforcement, computer time, is a powerful motivator.


After many weeks Trevor is understanding that the consequence he was obtaining with his violence- a quieter atmosphere with less conflicting demands- is achieved much easier through simple communication. The therapist is working 1) To help Trevor recognize potentially escalating situations, and 2) To introduce appropriate verbal responses. Real life? It is slowly looking more welcoming.

A 123TokenMe introduction in just 79 seconds…

DJ-timer-back-to-30-seconds-and-awarded-tokens-reamin-the-same-300x300Are you still curious about 123TokenMe? Why you’ll find me from general ed settings, to autism classrooms, to ABA clinics, to homes, to speech therapy offices? Because it is a new standard for token systems, and uses positive reinforcement to assist teachers, therapists, and parents to improve behaviors and teach skills.


Unlike old-fashioned token boards, this iPad/iPhone tool is highly motivating for learners, collects data, and is easy to customize for students and behaviors.

Learn more in this short (79 second) YouTube.

123TokenMe vs. an Autism Classroom Picky Eater

Sandwich-300x300 Just heard of a teacher in an autism classroom that tried 123TokenMe to help a little guy to eat a few bites of his sandwich. A food he clearly didn’t want to eat.


Guess what? He loved 123TokenMe, and ended up eating the whole sandwich. Positive reinforcement works, especially when the student is involved in the process. 


Do you have challenging behaviors that you live or work with? Share specifics, and we’ll walk you through using this token board replacement app.