Take One. Take Two. Take etc…

IMG_0233-300x300Kathy offered to perform the voiceovers for the two 123TokenMe video tutorials. After fifty-nine takes (That’s right, fifty-nine!) and seven script changes, perfection was achieved. Or, was it exhaustion that was achieved?


Either way, it was just in time, because 123TokenMe is being submitted to Apple for review tomorrow. This version stores one or two students, versus the unlimited number stored in the already approved Pro version. 


Who knows? Maybe the Apple reviewers will forward the app to Pixar. Is a role awaiting Kathy’s voice in an upcoming film?


You be the judge- listen for yourself at this link to the video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/46581095  Or, watch it on the “Apps” page of this website. It is the 4th video listed, and is titled, “Start personalizing 123TokenMe for your child.”