September’s Social Butterfly: Learning names and using greetings

IMG_0990-2-300x288Social Butterfly flies into my classroom every month to help with social skills. In September, her emphasis was on learning names and practicing greetings. “My name is…” “How are you?” “What’s your name?” “Nice to meet you, …” In addition, Social Butterfly had a surprise for my students this month. She helped each one create a Friendship Book.


Every Friendship Book had pictures of each student, teacher, and aide along with their name and two of their favorite things. The students took these books home with them every night to involve their families in learning about their classmates and staff.


We set up targeted behaviors for each student on 123TokenMe Pro. These behaviors were based on using greetings and learning peers’ names. Between Social Butterfly kisses and 123TokenMe award shows, my classroom was all aflutter in September.


In October, we’ll be asking Social Butterfly for help with everybody’s favorite two items.