Me is Free!

Guest-Artist-Announcement-that-123TokenMe-is-FREE-300x300A big day for 123TokenMe! Excited to introduce tokens from my special guest artists Maxim, Karoline & Ryan. To celebrate, my new 1.2 Version is **FREE** for the next 1000 downloads. 


Therapist? Teacher? Parent? Someone that works or lives with autism, or other special needs? Anxious to try Me out, or curious to see what’s keeping Kathy and Summer busy? No matter why, visit the App Store, and download 123TokenMe. Please help spread the word. You’ll make a difference, because free lets everyone own and explore this powerful iPad tool.


Me is Free! This will surely lead to new adventures, including being on your iPhone soon.

A 123TokenMe frown

123TokenMe is not sad very often,
but today was an exception. Meggan has been a substitute aide in Miss Summer’s special ed class for several months, and today was her last day. Summer was bummed, and there was certainly no hiding my frowns. Why? Because Meggan brings these very appreciated gifts into the classroom- an infectious smile, a we can do this attitude, wonderful with kids, and a personal desire to make a difference.


You’ll be missed, but those frowns will turn upside down in your next lucky classroom. Thanks for everything, Meggan, and give yourself a token!



An exciting weekend for Kathy & 123TokenMe

123TokenMe-at-the-Cal-State-Fullerton-conference-on-autism-300x300The attendees at the Cal State Fullerton Conference on Autism were not the only ones excited by 123TokenMe. As can be seen, Kathy also had her share of “Oh Wow” moments. One example was discovering a new use for Me with Rosa and Alejandro.


Alejandro mentioned a student on his caseload that should be requesting bathroom breaks throughout the day. This led to a discussion about setting Me up with six tokens and a reminder timer of one hour. Thus, this request will be initially addressed on an hourly basis. As time goes on, the behavior can be shaped by adjusting the number of tokens and/or the reminder time period.


Alejandro plans to have this behavior “running in the background” while he actively works on other target behaviors with his students. Both he and Rosa are jazzed to work with 123TokenMe. The excitement is mutual. After introducing myself to therapists, teachers, and parents all weekend, they, in turn, will be using Me in their classrooms and homes starting today.


A big thanks to Cal State Fullerton for letting Me be a part of their autism and special education conference.

123TokenMe’s Flexibility with more Impacted Students


If you work with severely impacted individuals with autism and other special needs, you know that flexibility is important. Especially while we are building replacement skills and targeting frustration tolerance or interfering escape behaviors. Can 123TokenMe simultaneously address staying calm and demonstrating the new, difficult skill? 


The easiest method to accomplish this is to award a child two tokens when they truly knock it out of the ballpark. Today I had a student spontaneously take deep breaths to keep himself calm, verbally repeated the complex direction as a self- management strategy to combat his poorer attending, and completed the directions independently and accurately. Woohoo! We celebrated with high fives and extra tokens. This momentum continued, and was celebrated with time for a rarely given special privilege.


In an earlier post, a second method to accomplish this was addressed- setting up the student with two different names in order to address each behavior simultaneously and independently. I’ve used both of these methods successfully- last year with my preschoolers, and this year with my high school students. Another example of the flexibility of 123TokenMe.


Welcome to our Website!


Kathy Murphy and Summer Conway welcome you to our brand new website. We have been blessed to work with incredible families and colleagues. All of us share a passion for individuals with autism and other special needs, and a desire to make a positive impact in their quality of life. 


After many years of working collaboratively and implementing numerous new ideas, we caught a bug. The entrepreneurship bug. We decided to make the leap in the summer of 2011. We translated our ideas into two main projects: 1) Apps to assist teachers, parents, and therapists in improving and measuring behavior, and 2) A website with an interactive forum to share ideas.


Surprisingly, the new venture bug that led to the 123apps4Me apps was rooted in frustration. The frustration of knowing that there must be a better way for all of us that work in the education and therapy communities. Teacher? Parent? SLP? Therapist? Other caregiver? We all want to do our jobs better and more efficiently. 


The apps are designed with a unique “inside the classroom” perspective and are focused on improving and measuring behavior. In both the general education population, as well as for managing programs and enhancing skills of individuals with autism and special needs.  What makes the123apps4Me apps different from any currently available? They generate and summarize data in various formats to make decision making more effective.  Another difference? They are engaging for both the caregivers and the individuals whose behaviors are being worked with. Put another way, the apps are effective and efficient, with a touch of fun.


It is not our intention, of course, for information on this site to replace any evaluation, intervention, or recommendations provided by a credentialed professional. The 123apps4Me journey has taught us that everyone has much to share based on their unique perspectives and life experiences.  We hope this website enhances collaboration with and learning from each other. We look forward to seeing our apps help you with the wonderful work that you do.




Summer & Kathy

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Kathy Murphy Twitter Profile- 4/21/12Kathy Murphy is @123itzMe – Kathy tweets on SLP’s, BCBA’s, collaboration (Her hot button issue), early intervention, best practice, ASHA, autism, and special needs. Whew! How does she ever fit it into 140 characters, or less?


Summer Conway Twitter Profile- 4/21/12Summer Conway is @123hugMe – Summer tweets on teacher hints, classroom ideas, pre-school classrooms, early intervention, autism, special ed, special needs, tips for parents and more. The “more” has been known to include Happy Hour tweets.


Dan Murphy/123apps4Me Team Twitter profile- 4/21/12The 123apps4Me team is @123apps4Me – These tweets concentrate on the start-up aspects to the website and the apps. The ups and downs that anyone ever connected with a new venture has gone through.

It Takes a War

Susie playing cardsEveryone knows how to play War, the world’s simplest card game, right?  Thanks to Susie, I sure do.  Over twenty plus years we played hundreds of games.  War may be simplistic, but with Susie it anchored our relationship. In addition to sparking countless hours of together time, it helped me have a verbal relationship with a non-verbal individual. I became an expert:  Her furrowed brow of concentration when laying down cards, to her grin after each of her winning cards.  The lived for moment, though, was when Susie won the rare double tiebreaker.  Her grin quickly morphed into a full faced smile and culminated in a heartfelt happiness laugh that allowed me to glimpse pure joy.  Simple?  Maybe on the surface, but thanks to Susie, a lifelong lesson for me to always look deeper.