SLP + ABA = !!!

Kathys-day-of-revelation-with-lightbulb-300x300Ever had a day when everything seemed crystal clear? Well, Kathy just had one. The trigger? Realizing how helpful ABA (applied behavior analysis) knowledge is to her work. Especially when layered onto her speech- language background. Since Kathy takes Me almost everywhere during her school day, here’s a report:


The essence of an SLP is establishing human connections through conversation. Giving teenage students words is powerful for them in the real world. One of Kathy’s most impacted students is a favorite, because of his amazing responses to learning words. Having more of a voice has resulted in seemingly unrelated behavior improvements. She pushes him, and all of her students, to work hard, but knows when to celebrate small successes. They respond well to these behavior principles.


Writing meaningful, functional goals is extremely important. This leads to maximizing what they can do. As does collaborating with teachers, aides, and other therapists to run lessons together. Teaching students to see the world using varied stimulus types helps to break rigid ways of thinking and rote responding.


What a day! Thanks, Kathy, for letting Me eavesdrop. Maybe sharing these thoughts will help others. That would make both of our days.

123TokenMe is off to Georgia


It’s official: 123TokenMe is off to Georgia. Marketing has begun. A speech-language pathologist from Georgia approached us about a seminar she is in charge of next week. Over 200 SLP’s will be there and one of the topics is, “How new technology can assist SLP’s in their work.”


Sounds like a perfect fit for 123TokenMe, doesn’t it? Thus, our first ever promotional materials were boxed up and shipped off this morning. Safe travels and spread the word!

Articulation goals- an opportunity for shared fun

IMG_1916-300x300Last year some of my favorite speech sessions were with a group of kindergarten boys with articulation goals. Who would have guessed they would become big fans of 123TokenMe? As with most of us, they liked to see how long they were going to work and what they were working for: One token = one correct production. Twenty tokens = FUN.


A little bit of control in their very big world. Each boy had a different goal, and knew that after everybody in the group produced twenty correct targets they would all share something fun. A reward that I encouraged them to choose as a group. MarbleWorks? Mr. Potato Head? Star Wars? Very quickly they knew their routine: Check in by finding their name, choose their token type and background color, and decide together what they wanted to play on their break. 


There was lots of conversation making these choices, Hey guys, lets all get soccer balls this time. They knew the rule: EVERYONE had to get all their sounds and receive all their tokens before it was break time. What was surprising, though, was watching them coach and give feedback to each other. They LOVED IT, and I loved seeing them literally cheer each other on.


At the year end conference a mom asked me what app I was using in speech, because her son raved about it. I told her that the boys had so much fun with 123TokenMe, that they did not even recognize how focused they were on working. Speech = fun? Absolutely.