How to delete a student from 123TokenMe

How-to-delete-a-student-from-123TokenMe-300x300deleting a student from 123TokenMe. There are surely others with this question, so here goes:
Tap the student icon which brings up your student list.
Tap the blue arrow button next to the student you wish to delete. This will take you to student info.
Tap the student’s name. This will bring up a popover with a red “Delete Student” button. Tap this, and your student is gone.
Deleting a student sure sounds drastic, so hopefully it’s for a happy reason. Such as they no longer need assistance. 

123TokenMe’s Flexibility with more Impacted Students


If you work with severely impacted individuals with autism and other special needs, you know that flexibility is important. Especially while we are building replacement skills and targeting frustration tolerance or interfering escape behaviors. Can 123TokenMe simultaneously address staying calm and demonstrating the new, difficult skill? 


The easiest method to accomplish this is to award a child two tokens when they truly knock it out of the ballpark. Today I had a student spontaneously take deep breaths to keep himself calm, verbally repeated the complex direction as a self- management strategy to combat his poorer attending, and completed the directions independently and accurately. Woohoo! We celebrated with high fives and extra tokens. This momentum continued, and was celebrated with time for a rarely given special privilege.


In an earlier post, a second method to accomplish this was addressed- setting up the student with two different names in order to address each behavior simultaneously and independently. I’ve used both of these methods successfully- last year with my preschoolers, and this year with my high school students. Another example of the flexibility of 123TokenMe.


Teachers- This idea is for you!

IMG_2003-300x300Summer here, with a 123TokenMe Pro idea for teachers. Like many of our ideas, this one comes to you straight from my classroom. This idea starts with using my iPad to take a group photo of my kiddos. Together they decide on a token type and what their reinforcement will be as a group. Maybe a popcorn party or group play with a classroom favorite. I snap a quick photo of their choice and add it to the reward chest.


Next, we decide on how the tokens will be earned. As you can guess, the “buy-in” for students increases greatly when they have been part of the process to choose the behavior that is being targeted.


For the group to earn a token EVERYONE must be joining in and participating. I also give an extra token whenever one student helps another. Guess what? Students start to reinforce each other for doing a good job! They also get after their friends for not being “cool.” They learn how to work as a group and become more socially aware of their peers. The 123TokenMe Pro app is powerful, and even more so when you creatively allow your students to help.


A successful photo shoot

Screen-Shot-2012-08-20-at-9.44.57-AM-300x281A carload of classroom + just enough time + talented staff = a wonderful preschool photo shoot. Lots of fun and gigabytes of photos. A huge thanks to our eleven participants, their parents, our classroom aides, Meggan & Tommie, and our talented photographer- April.


The idea was to take photos of 123TokenMe Pro being used in a classroom setting. Was it successful? Let’s turn to our eleven participants for the answer: “When can I go again?” was the question several of them asked their parents right after the photo shoot was over. This mirrors the reaction that has been received by 123TokenMe Pro so far- it is a powerful tool for teachers and parents, yet it is fun and motivating for students and children. A big win-win, since it is much more effective to teach and improve behaviors when there is excited participation from all involved.


Smile and say 123TokenMe!