Can we help? Yes…

Our look atIMG_5480-300x300 “Passion Behind the Business” continues with Lisa and Bob Compton of They are new friends from the FABA 2013 conference in Daytona Beach. Their story starts eleven years ago with a question for good friends who had children diagnosed with autism: “What can we do to help?”


“Don’t you have sewing machines?” was the reply. This led to making weighted sensory products. Which led to making and supplying other items for the special needs community. Which morphed into a physical store. And an on-line store.


Next, clients started to ask if they’d open a clinic. So they did. A cutting edge clinic, Second Steps, where ABA therapy is provided for a wide range of children. The end? No. Bob and Lisa now spend much of their time consulting, and installing sensory therapy rooms based on feedback from Second Steps. Are they busy beyond belief? Yes. All because of taking that often difficult first step of asking a friend in need if they could help.

123TokenMe vs. an Autism Classroom Picky Eater

Sandwich-300x300 Just heard of a teacher in an autism classroom that tried 123TokenMe to help a little guy to eat a few bites of his sandwich. A food he clearly didn’t want to eat.


Guess what? He loved 123TokenMe, and ended up eating the whole sandwich. Positive reinforcement works, especially when the student is involved in the process. 


Do you have challenging behaviors that you live or work with? Share specifics, and we’ll walk you through using this token board replacement app. 

Day Two: No help needed

123TokenMe-being-demonstrated-without-Kathy-300x300 Do you see who is missing? That’s right- Kathy. Attendees introduced to Me yesterday returned with their co-workers today. They were excited to share this token board replacement app. How it motivates students, the time it saves, and its data collection.


But, is 123TokenMe easy to use? Yes. So intuitive that brand new users demonstrated it without any help. Take a break, Kathy.

My summer is starting off great!

1044079_613446328675308_876948652_n-300x300What is an RSP teacher? Three hints: Resource. Specialist. Program. They work with learning disabilities. And one of them MMD. Made. My. Day. As the school year ended, she shared these 123TokenMe gems: “Can’t imagine work without it.” “Share the data with parents all the time.” “My gosh, easiest thing in the world to use.” And maybe most meaningful? “My kids request it!” Happy Summer, from Me.

Token Board Frustration

The-missing-token-that-led-to-123TokenMe-300x300ABAI conference attendees weren’t surprised that 123TokenMe was conceived out of frustration. Token board frustration. In fact, these descriptions were shared: “Time consuming. Unsanitary- food, hair, yuck. They tear apart. Always losing tokens. Expensive. Hate to laminate. Learners lose interest.”


So, forget my engaging design. Data collection. Unlimited students. This therapist said it best: “We never have to make another token board? Awesome!”

A note from Karl’s Mom

photo-300x300This makes Me smile. A mother sent us a photo and short note:  Karl just asked if we could use 123TokenMe. I asked him why, and he replied, “Because it’s fun and it helps me.”


Kathy and Summer designed Me to be engaging, so the “it’s fun” comment is not surprising. The “it helps me” observation, however, is what makes Me smile. This is the reason for 123TokenMe: Because it assists parents, teachers, and therapists to help those that they live and work with. For Karl to recognize this is pretty special.


A big thank you to Karl’s mom for sharing.

An unscripted endorsement

IMG_2408-300x300Students with autism? Behavioral challenges? With these questions as her backdrop, Kathy had the attention of CSHA (California Speech & Hearing Association) conference attendees at the 123TokenMe booth. Even when her eyes were closed! She was certainly in her element- imagine, almost 2000 SLPs gathered in one place. Communication? It was certainly not a problem at the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend. 


A favorite moment from CSHA? When an SLP that had downloaded 123TokenMe last month burst into the middle of a presentation and announced, “This is the most amazing app that I’ve ever downloaded. My kids are so engaged by it that they don’t even realize how hard we are working to improve their behaviors. I love it.” As for us? A big thanks for both her enthusiasm and her off-the-cuff endorsement. The 123TokenMe word is beginning to spread.