123TokenMe Photorials are Launched

Photorial #1- Why it works- SoloExciting news! We’ve launched a series of 123TokenMe photorials. For those that live or work with ‪#‎Autism‬ and other ‪#‎SpecialNeeds‬, 123TokenMe is a powerful positive reinforcement tool. Yet, it’s simple to use. The one child version, 123TokenMe Solo, is just a 99¢ download from the Apple App Store. Both 123TokenMe (Works with unlimited students) and 123TokenMe Solo work on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod. See for yourself if it can assist you.


Photorial 1: Why it works. Three words are highlighted in this photorial- fun, simple, and powerful. In a nutshell, that is why 123TokenMe is so effective.

123TokenMe- Just $7.99 on Autism Awareness Day!

IOSAppIcon_v2_Token_512-300x300123TokenMe is being reduced to $7.99 on April 2nd- World Autism Awareness Day. This version works with unlimited students, so if your school district, or therapy provider, uses Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) let them know this is the day to download it for their teachers and therapists.

At its core 123TokenMe is a powerful token system tool. Unlike old-fashioned token boards, though, it is highly motivating for learners, works with unlimited students and target behaviors, can be instantly personalized, and collects data. All this at a cost less than making one old-fashioned laminate and velcro board. Enjoy!

A token board app is an easy road to success?

Develop an app- comic stripAn easy road to success? According to this comic strip, simply develop an app. Hahaha. When we came up with our idea for a token board replacement app three years ago, we never guessed how much would be involved.

Fortunately, our vision for 123TokenMe was to help those that lived and worked with autism and other special needs. And it does. Here is an email we just received:  

“123TokenMe is phenomenal in it’s simplicity and effectiveness. It changed one of my twins’ frustration with mainstream kindergarten to determination, then ultimately satisfaction in his ability. It was a great and marvelous thing to witness. I even used it for another child’s behavioral issues. I was stunned at how well it worked.” 

Does that make 123TokenMe worth $16 billion, as in the comic strip? No, of course not. It makes it worth far more in the eyes of every parent or teacher who has used it with this kind of success.

Can 123TokenMe assist me?

Can 123TokenMe assist me? Absolutely. Especially if you live or work with challenging behaviors, special needs, or autism.



123TokenMe replaces token boards and token economy systems. In addition, compared to old-fashioned token boards, it stores unlimited students, tracks infinite behaviors & goals, tokens up to six students at once, and collects data!


Want to try it out for Free? Just download 123TokenMe Solo, which works with one child, from the App Store.


Photo 1: 123TokenMe is being used for Calm Hands. The teacher has decided on five tokens. To increase motivation she let her student choose token type (soccer ball), background color, and reward.


Little Miss Calm Hands almost ready to celebrate success!Photo 2: Little Miss Someone looks as if she is well on her way to earning all her tokens and celebrating success!

Token Boards Rock!

Screenshot-of-123TokenMe-with-a-watermark-300x225“Token boards rock!” If we put those three words into Google translate for Common Wording’ Technical Writing what would it produce?


Maybe the following? This is from a recent submittal by Kathy. Actually, it came from Formal Kathy, i.e. Kathleen Murphy, PhD., CCC-SLP, BCBA-D 


“The use of token economy systems, and specifically token boards, in classrooms utilizing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) principles is pervasive. They are one of the most effective tools in managing problem behaviors. Implementing a program consistently across individuals and settings is a critical issue and impacts a student’s overall progress. As a team member, the SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) should understand the basics of token boards for managing problem behaviors, how parameters are changed systematically, and how to implement successfully. Many SLPs are surprised to realize they are using token economy systems when they use sticker charts or marble jars to reinforce student attendance and performance.”


Wow! 123TokenMe puts the power of a token board into the hands of teachers, therapists, and parents, so this translation should put a pep in its step.

The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies

Kathys-ASHA-2013-presentation-on-Positive-Behavior-Strategies-300x300Kathy presented on The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies at the ASHA 2013 conference. The talk combined her long time SLP knowledge with her more recent BCBA studies.

If you’d like a copy of the Power Point presentation, leave a comment or post that includes your email address.

Day Two: No help needed

123TokenMe-being-demonstrated-without-Kathy-300x300 Do you see who is missing? That’s right- Kathy. Attendees introduced to Me yesterday returned with their co-workers today. They were excited to share this token board replacement app. How it motivates students, the time it saves, and its data collection.


But, is 123TokenMe easy to use? Yes. So intuitive that brand new users demonstrated it without any help. Take a break, Kathy.

And, the winners are…

And-the-twelve-winners-from-ABAI-are...-300x300A dozen lucky ABAI attendees that liked Me on Facebook are winners. Their iTunes gift cards were emailed. They’ve downloaded 123TokenMe. The last step is adding unlimited students. 123TokenMe is a free download for one student. This one child version is all most parents will ever need.


The winners have multiple student caseloads, so unlimited students are a must. Upgrading to unlimited is just $9.99, but it’s still fun to be chosen. The true winners? Any therapist, teacher, or behaviorist that uses 123TokenMe. They know firsthand the drudgery of making token boards. Each one costs over $10 to make, so having Me on their iPads and iPhones is a reason to smile. The biggest smiles, however, will emerge upon seeing their students respond.


Congratulations to these winners: Jenny M-TX, Jamie O-NY, Kelly G-MA, Tiffany T-IL, Kristi H-OH, Kara B-TX, Melissa L-CO, Wendy K-WA, Krystin K-IL, Karlyn G-MT, Tess G-IL, and Kelly T-WI. Now, start using Me to motivate your students!

Miss Tara flips sad upside down

Sad-to-happy-snack-face-token-300x300This story from Miss Tara was emotional for Me: “When one of my students is having a difficult day (not following directions, crying, tantrums) we use the sad happy snack face token. It helps in turning her frowns upside down. We make a big deal when all of her sad faces are smiling. 123TokenMe is an awesome motivator!”