Pack for NAC

IMG_4299-300x300That’s Me, getting packed for my flight to the 2013 National Autism Conference. Banners, brochures, and lots more for my 123TokenMe booth.


Very excited. The attendees will include a mix of therapists, parents, and teachers. Will be fun to show them how they’ll never need to make another token board. And how to collect data. And how to personalize for every one of their students. And…

On the iPhone, and out to eat!


Take Me anywhere my first iPhone version is out! Easy to use Me on the playground, while shopping, and in dozens of other situations. That’s 123TokenMe in the photo. Do you see where we are in this example? At a restaurant with Freddy’s Mom & Dad. They’ve always been hesitant to take Freddy out to eat because of behavior issues.


Since Freddy is familiar with 123TokenMe from his classroom iPad, Mom set up Quiet sitting at restaurant as his target behavior. She chose ten tokens with a three minute reminder interval. If Freddy reaches his 30 minute goal, the whole family will celebrate with ice cream. That’s why Mom added an ice cream cone to the reward chest with her iPhone camera. This highlights what Freddy is working for. And, please don’t forget about Me, Mom and Dad. My favorite is butter pecan.


Great timing, since (right after ice cream) my flight leaves for the ABAI conference in Minneapolis. It’s always fun to have people try Me out for the first time, but this is better. Now attendees can put 123TokenMe on their iPhone while visiting my booth.

“B” is for Bakersfield

Summer-and-123TokenMe-visit-autism-classrooms-in-Bakersfield-to-help-with-transitions-300x300If you could visit any city in the world that began with a “B,” where would you choose? Barcelona? Beijing? Buenos Aires? Not Me. Bakersfield. And, thanks to Summer, my 123TokenMe dreams came true. Just returned from a visit to several autism classrooms in Bakersfield. The two of us were enlisted to collaborate on improving classroom transitions.


Transitions can be extremely stressful for both teachers and students. Since they happen throughout the school day (Center to center, small group to outside, going to bathroom, etc.) it is important for teachers to have a plan and share it with the class. Some of the ideas we demonstrated were the use of a bell, transition cards (Colors, shapes, animals, etc.), and a song to signal transitions. We also showed how to set up 123TokenMe to award tokens when students transitioned calmly. Smoother transitions? They lead to less stress and more learning. Bakersfield? When can we return? 

123TokenMe is off to Georgia


It’s official: 123TokenMe is off to Georgia. Marketing has begun. A speech-language pathologist from Georgia approached us about a seminar she is in charge of next week. Over 200 SLP’s will be there and one of the topics is, “How new technology can assist SLP’s in their work.”


Sounds like a perfect fit for 123TokenMe, doesn’t it? Thus, our first ever promotional materials were boxed up and shipped off this morning. Safe travels and spread the word!

Summer saves Pisa tourists

Summer-leaning-tower-of-Pisa-300x300Summer left her work at 123apps4Me for a few weeks while she visits Italy with her grandmother. Thank goodness, because look how many Pisa tourists owe their lives to her strong arms and fast thinking.


We hope that the rest of her vacation is as rewarding, but look forward to her return later this week. She should make it back just in time for the big photo/video shoot for 123TokenMe this Friday. Summer will have to refocus quickly from saving tourists to teaching pre-schoolers.