123TokenMe’s Diet

National-Autism-Conference-2013-300x240The National Autism Conference beckons. My svelte new upgrade will wow the attendees. A diet supervised by my programmer is slimming Me to under 50MB. Users will now be able to download 123TokenMe to their iPhone via cellular. Since WiFi will no longer be needed, attendees can start tokening from my booth. So, get ready PA!

On the iPhone, and out to eat!


Take Me anywhere my first iPhone version is out! Easy to use Me on the playground, while shopping, and in dozens of other situations. That’s 123TokenMe in the photo. Do you see where we are in this example? At a restaurant with Freddy’s Mom & Dad. They’ve always been hesitant to take Freddy out to eat because of behavior issues.


Since Freddy is familiar with 123TokenMe from his classroom iPad, Mom set up Quiet sitting at restaurant as his target behavior. She chose ten tokens with a three minute reminder interval. If Freddy reaches his 30 minute goal, the whole family will celebrate with ice cream. That’s why Mom added an ice cream cone to the reward chest with her iPhone camera. This highlights what Freddy is working for. And, please don’t forget about Me, Mom and Dad. My favorite is butter pecan.


Great timing, since (right after ice cream) my flight leaves for the ABAI conference in Minneapolis. It’s always fun to have people try Me out for the first time, but this is better. Now attendees can put 123TokenMe on their iPhone while visiting my booth.

One step closer to the iPhone

IMG_0392-300x300Last week’s whiteboard drawing of Me is already outdated. My layout for the iPhone has progressed to this preliminary screenshot. Another week until my first Beta version.


Before you know it? Ring, ring. It will be Me- ready to assist you teach skills and improve challenging behaviors, directly from your iPhone. Very exciting!

Look… It’s Super Kid!

IMG_0020-300x300December has seen a big change in my special education classroom- Social Butterfly has morphed into Super Kid. With the release of Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe the new superhero token has become a classroom favorite. We have used this interest to introduce Super Kid.


Super Kid uses his powers to make good choices, even when it is difficult: Listening to teacher instructions the first time, sharing with a classmate, and using kind words with friends. To build excitement we designed several lessons on superheroes. When Super Kid makes a classroom appearance, my kiddos know that he will be recognizing someone for using their own super power to make a good choice. 


As new tokens are introduced to 123TokenMe, it is easy to see how a classroom lesson will be tailored to match a new favorite. A bird? A plane? No it’s Super Kid, the super hero that helps me to inspire my students.

Christerio vs. Evil Code

Christerio-Conquers-the-evil-Code-So, why isn’t Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe released yet? Because, we had to pull it out of the Apple review process to tweak some code issues. Can the code be that difficult? Here is a fun question: How many lines of code are in 123TokenMe Pro? Take a guess. 3000? 10,000? 


The answer? As of last Friday evening, there were 25,503 lines of code. That helps to explain why getting it perfect is not an easy task. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the upgrade will be re-submitted to Apple early this week. The wait is almost over. Our new super hero token- Christerio- will vanquish his arch nemesis- Evil Code!

Get ready! Version 1.1 on the way!

123TokenMe-Pro-1.1-Developer-rejected-300x130Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe is only an Apple approval away from being official. Here is what this upgrade will include:


- Animated award shows 
- Detailed data from each token board session 
- New rewards and a super hero token
- Numbered rewards for sequenced tasks
- User added sounds for token taps, timer expiration, and award shows


Exciting? Absolutely. All 123TokenMe users are about to be even more amazed when they download the upgrade. More engaging, deep data collection, and additional ways to utilize it in the classroom and home.