A token board app is an easy road to success?

Develop an app- comic stripAn easy road to success? According to this comic strip, simply develop an app. Hahaha. When we came up with our idea for a token board replacement app three years ago, we never guessed how much would be involved.

Fortunately, our vision for 123TokenMe was to help those that lived and worked with autism and other special needs. And it does. Here is an email we just received:  

“123TokenMe is phenomenal in it’s simplicity and effectiveness. It changed one of my twins’ frustration with mainstream kindergarten to determination, then ultimately satisfaction in his ability. It was a great and marvelous thing to witness. I even used it for another child’s behavioral issues. I was stunned at how well it worked.” 

Does that make 123TokenMe worth $16 billion, as in the comic strip? No, of course not. It makes it worth far more in the eyes of every parent or teacher who has used it with this kind of success.

123TokenMe Passes 1000 Google Results

123TokenMe-passes-1000-results-on-a-Google-search-300x300Another milestone for 123TokenMe- over 1000 Google search results. The first few pages of results show a good mixture- reviews, videos, social media sites, and posts. As 123TokenMe finds its way onto the iPads and iPhones of more and more users, this number is sure to grow.


Please consider adding your review of 123TokenMe at either the App Store or one of the many app review sites. With your help, 2000 search results will be next!

Excitement for 123TokenMe!

Screen-Shot-2013-10-17-at-10.20.05-AM-300x300Our favorite 123TokenMe comment from the FABA conference? It had to be Jessica’s: “If I were wearing socks, they’d be rolling up & down right now!” She explained that a favorite professor said this whenever he was really excited about something new.


Jessica went on to say that she was thrilled to learn about 123TokenMe- no more making old-fashioned laminate and velcro token boards. Plus, a tool that would engage her students while improving behaviors, and take data in the background.


Her autism center just purchased 40 iPads, so she was excited to share with her co-workers. Do you hear that noise? Sounds like lots of socks rolling up and down!

How to delete a student from 123TokenMe

How-to-delete-a-student-from-123TokenMe-300x300deleting a student from 123TokenMe. There are surely others with this question, so here goes:
Tap the student icon which brings up your student list.
Tap the blue arrow button next to the student you wish to delete. This will take you to student info.
Tap the student’s name. This will bring up a popover with a red “Delete Student” button. Tap this, and your student is gone.
Deleting a student sure sounds drastic, so hopefully it’s for a happy reason. Such as they no longer need assistance. 

Back to school

First-day-of-school-300x232Where did it go? Fortunately, neither Kathy or Summer are in hiding. As school starts, they’ll have the newest version of 123TokenMe at their side, and are excited about sharing classroom tips.


As more and more teachers, therapists, and parents put 123TokenMe to use they can look to this website and our Facebook page for ideas. Please add your own teacher stories!

Customer Service: An easy answer.

Screen-Shot-2013-07-24-at-1.57.05-PM-300x300A 123TokenMe user just called. Her family was on vacation when they realized, “We need a token board.” They searched for an app. Before they knew it, 123TokenMe was on their iPhone ready to assist their daughter.


Her question involved changing the number of tokens. An easy answer: Simply tap the student name. A screen pops up where all token system aspects (number of tokens, reminder time, token type, and background) can be modified. Additionally, target behaviors can be added from this screen. Now, back to your vacation.

Keep Mommy happy!

IMG_4280-300x300Summer. A time for vacation, right?
Not for Me, evidently:


“We’ve put 123TokenMe to work at home this summer. Here are a few of the behaviors we’ve been reinforcing: Follow directions. Put away toys. Positive attitude. And, my favorite- Keep Mommy happy!”


The photo that was included seems to confirm that kids, Mommy, and Me are all happy. Summer work has benefits!