Our 123TokenMe video vs. Gangnam Style

gangnam-style1With Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe being officially approved by Apple, our marketing kicked off with an email to family. We included a link to our just completed video that introduces 123TokenMe. For fun we asked everyone to please watch and like the video.


Our hope, we added, was to surpass Gangnam Style as the most watched video in YouTube history. As of now, we have 14 views for our video compared to 849,389,574 for Gangnam Style. Our family better get busy!

Five exhausting days for our hand model

summer-conway-finger-model-300x300Summer, our very own hand model, just finished five exhausting days of pointing and tapping. Want to see her extraordinary talent for yourself? Here is a link to her first video: “Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe: What’s new?”


Thanks to your hard work, Summer, all users of 123TokenMe can get a sneak preview of the exciting upgrades that Version 1.1 will introduce: Level two data, award show animation, numbered rewards for sequencing and counting support, personalized sound recording, and… a super hero. This version makes 123TokenMe even more powerful and engaging for not only the autism and special needs communities, but for general education and home use as well.