Welcome to our Website!


Kathy Murphy and Summer Conway welcome you to our brand new website. We have been blessed to work with incredible families and colleagues. All of us share a passion for individuals with autism and other special needs, and a desire to make a positive impact in their quality of life. 


After many years of working collaboratively and implementing numerous new ideas, we caught a bug. The entrepreneurship bug. We decided to make the leap in the summer of 2011. We translated our ideas into two main projects: 1) Apps to assist teachers, parents, and therapists in improving and measuring behavior, and 2) A website with an interactive forum to share ideas.


Surprisingly, the new venture bug that led to the 123apps4Me apps was rooted in frustration. The frustration of knowing that there must be a better way for all of us that work in the education and therapy communities. Teacher? Parent? SLP? Therapist? Other caregiver? We all want to do our jobs better and more efficiently. 


The apps are designed with a unique “inside the classroom” perspective and are focused on improving and measuring behavior. In both the general education population, as well as for managing programs and enhancing skills of individuals with autism and special needs.  What makes the123apps4Me apps different from any currently available? They generate and summarize data in various formats to make decision making more effective.  Another difference? They are engaging for both the caregivers and the individuals whose behaviors are being worked with. Put another way, the apps are effective and efficient, with a touch of fun.


It is not our intention, of course, for information on this site to replace any evaluation, intervention, or recommendations provided by a credentialed professional. The 123apps4Me journey has taught us that everyone has much to share based on their unique perspectives and life experiences.  We hope this website enhances collaboration with and learning from each other. We look forward to seeing our apps help you with the wonderful work that you do.




Summer & Kathy

What’s New?

Grand OpeningOur website is new! We launched in mid- 2012.  If this website was a store, it would still have the “Grand Opening” banner hanging out front.  Thank you for visiting while boxes are still being unpacked.


Our hope?  That the site is a valuable resource. A content-driven site where every visit results in a “take-away” idea. A place to showcase how the 123apps4Me apps can help you with improving and measuring behavior in your students, children or clients. And, a place to have some fun. 


We have been asked, “How can I help?” Here are three answers: 

1) Interact with the site. Post or comment. Click “Sign Up” on the Home page to get started.

2) Share this site address with your friends/contacts. This will help speed up the sharing of this website with the families, teachers and support staff that will benefit. 

3) Use the Contact form under the “About” tab to contact the 123apps4Me team. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are appreciated.


Are you interested in the background and history of the 123apps4Me start-up venture? Read the ongoing autobiography, Is Today My Birthday? You will find it by scrolling down the ”About Our Team” page under the “About” tab. Join us on our roller coaster ride of learning!