Community Quest

A Teacher pushing a wheelchair I teach a medically fragile class.  The majority of my students are in wheelchairs.  So they don’t get to explore the campus on their own the same way as their peers.  However, it is important that they have many experiences and know where important people are: the school nurse, secretary, and principal.  Also, where important places are such as the office, bathrooms, library, cafeteria, and bus drop off. 


At the beginning of the year I take pictures of people and places that they should know. I do this with my phone so it is quick and easy.  Then we play a game called, ”Community Quest”.  I show them the picture and they have to find it. This can be done in groups with the students taking turns, or individually. My students really enjoy being out of the classroom and on an “adventure”.  They also get to socialize with the people in the pictures when they find them. It is a fun way to make sure they know where to go and who to see when necessary.